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4/10 =___ in decimal fractions, 0.6 =___ in fractions, Write one unit and five tenths in the decimal form, Write zero unit and eight tenths in the decimal form, Write zero units and six tenths in the decimal form, 0.2 = ___ in fractions, 10/10 = ___ in decimal fractions, 22/100 = ___ in decimal fractions, 0.02 = ___ in fractions, 0.14 = ___ tenths + ___ hundredths, Which is bigger 1.14 or 1.41? Explain, Which is bigger 1.40 or 4.10? Explain, How would you write: zero units, four tenths and six hundredths?, What is 20/100 in tenths? , How would I write four units and six tenths in decimal fractions, One a 100 square what represents 1/10?, How many units(ones) in 20/10's?, How much of a 100 square would represent 75/100? .

Jamie`s decimal game


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