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vinco, vincere, vici - win, unda, undae (f) - wave, aedifico, aedificare, aedificavi - build, auxilium, auxilii (n) - help, consilium, consiii (n) - plan, deinde - then, postridie - on the next day, simulac - as soon as, tollo, tollere, sustuli - raise, a, ab - from, by, animus, animi (m) - mind/spirit, ara, arae (f) - altar, diu - for a long time, faber, fabri (m) - craftsman, numquam - never, pauci - a few, quondam - once, caput, capitis (n) - head, cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi - get to know, discedo, discedere, discessi - leave, ibi - there, obsto, obstare, obstiti - block, quo? - to where?, soleo, solere - be accostomed, iter, itineris (n) - journey, vivo, vivere, vixi - live, plurimi - very many, posco, poscere, poposci - demand, locus, loci (m) - place, huc - here,

8th Grade Final Vocab Part II


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