1) She _______________________ (remember) him as a little boy. a) REMEMBERED b) REMEMBERRED c) REMEMBERS 2) Miriam and I _________________ (share) some great moments together. a) SHARED b) SHARRED c) SHARE 3) We ___________ (enjoy) watching the basketball match on TV. a) ENJOYED b) ENJOIED c) ENJOY 4) The film _____________ (stop) after ten minutes. a) STOPED b) STOPPED c) STOPS 5) The train _____________ (arrive) late yesterday. a) ARRIVED b) ARRIVEED c) ARRIVES 6) Tim and his family ___________________ (plan) to visit a museum. a) PLANED b) PLANNED c) PLAN 7) He ________________ (cry) all night. Poor boy! a) CRYED b) CRIED c) CRIES 8) They __________________ (clap) their hands with joy. a) CLAPED b) CLAPPED c) CLAP 9) The judge _______________ (permit) the release of the prisoner. a) PERMITED b) PERMITTED c) PERMITS 10) Sam __________ (control) everything before the meeting. a) CONTROLED b) CONTROLLED c) CONTROLS 11) We ____________________ (be) 12 in this video. a) BED b) BEED c) WERE 12) My sister _____________ (have) a pool party for her birthday. a) HAVED b) HAS GOT c) HAD 13) Grandma __________ (mix) all the ingredients for the cake. a) MIXED b) MIXXED c) MIXES 14) My mum __________ (marry) my dad in 1997. a) MARRYED b) MARRIED c) MARRED 15) You _________ (live) in Spain two years ago. a) LIVED b) LIVEED c) LIVE 16) The doctor _______ (cancel) the appointment. a) CANCELED b) CANCELLED c) CANCELS




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