surgery - the cutting open of the body to repair a damaged part (noun); first letter is 's', symptom - a reaction or feeling of illness which is caused by a disease (noun); first letter is 's', proponent - a person who supports a particular idea or course of action (noun); ; first letter is 'p', controversial - causing strong disagreement or discussion (adjective); first letter is 'c', fund - to provide money to pay for something (verb); first letter is 'f', substance - a material with a particular physical characteristics(noun); first letter is 's' , conventional - the usual way of doing something (adjective); first letter is 'c', chief - most important or main (adjective); first letter is 'c', burden - a duty or responsibility which is hard to bear (noun); first letter is 'b', consultation - a meeting to discuss something or to get advice (noun); first letter is 'c', contribution - something you give or do to help or support someone reach a goal (noun); first letter is 'c', labour - workers, especially people who do practical work with their hands (noun); first letter is 'l', regardless - despite; not being affected by something (adverb); first letter is 'r', safety net - something used to protect a person against hardship or difficulty (noun phrase - two words); first letters are 's' & 'n', treatment - the use of drugs, exercise, etc. to improve the condition of a sick or injured person, or to sure a disease (noun); first letter is 't',

RW Unlock 4 (2nd ed) Unit 3 - Readings 1 & 2 (Vocab)





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