1) How long was Queen Victoria on the throne? a) 100 years b) 3 years c) 25 years d) 63 years 2) What was Queen Victoria's husband called? a) Charles b) Albert c) Mr Edwards d) William 3) Which of these was NOT an important Victorian invention? a) The television b) The lightbulb c) The camera d) The flushing toilet 4) What did Victorians call their outside toilets? a) Chivvys b) Smithys c) Privvys d) Ribbys 5) What did Victorians put under their beds? a) Chamber pots b) Vegetables c) Cussions d) Bins 6) Which one of these is not a job that a Victorian child might have had to do? a) Bird scarer b) Lollypop Lady c) Chimney Sweep d) Maid 7) What item would you NOT have found in a Victorian classroom? a) A cane b) A smartboard c) A blackboard d) An abacus 8) What are the three Rs? a) Reading, writing and arithmetic b) Reading, RE and writing c) Ringing, writing and arithmetic d) Reading, rollypollys and arithmetic




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