1) Which is incorrect? No one ______ Laura came prepared from class. (EXCEPTION) a) apart from b) as well as c) except for d) other than 2) Which is incorrect? I am writing ____________ your advertisement posted in the Daily Mail. (CONNECTION) a) as for b) in response to c) with regard to d) with reference to 3) Which is incorrect?   ___________ hotels, we'll need to make a reservation in advance. (INTRODUCING A TOPIC) a) As for b) As regards c) On top of d) With respect to 4) Which is incorrect? A huge public housing project was proposed in the derelict area ______ housing local poor residents. (PURPOSE) a) in response to b) in the hope of c) with the aim of d) with a view to 5) Which is incorrect? This evidence, _____ the centralized organization of labor, indicates a dramatic shift in sociopolitical organization. (ADDITION) a) along with b) as well as c) on top of d) with the intention of 6) Which is incorrect? I have _____ remaining silent on the matter. a) no alternative but b) every intention of  c) no hesitation in d) no objection to 7) Which is incorrect? Management decided that it __________________ to terminate him. a) had every reason b) had no alternative but c) had no hope d) was within their rights 8) Which is incorrect? Patients who are ___________ of infection can be identified and treated. a) at risk b) in danger c) in need d) on the point 9) Which is incorrect? I do take ________ the investigative process and the content of the report. a) an interest in b) issue with c) no objection to d) pride in 10) Which is incorrect? __________ trying to do anything? a) There's no point of b) There's no use in c) What's the point of d) What's the use of

Prepositonal phrases and sentence patterns with nouns - Advanced ESL




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