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At all costs - at any expense of time, effort, money or life., Cash in on - make money from an opportunity, clean up - make a lot of money, make a big profit, go broke - lose all your money, have no money, a hand-out - a gift of money (often from the government), be loaded - have lots of money, a nest egg - money someone has saved up for a rainy day, rake it in - earn/make a lot of money, born with a silver spoon ion one's mouth - born to wealth and comfort. Born rich, cheapskate - a person who doesn't like to spend money., for a song - at a low price, bought cheaply, a gravy train - getting paid more money than the job is worth, in the red - unprofitable, losing money, make a killing - make a large amount of money, big profit, on a shoestring - with little money to spend, on a very low budget, splash out - spend more money than is usual, bring home the bacon - earn the family living, chip in - contribute money or pay jointly, fork out - pay, pay out, grease someone's palm - pay for a favour/special help or bribe someone to get what you want, worth one's salt - worth what one is paid, a good worker, make ends meet - have enough money to cover your expenses, pay an arm and a leg - pay a high price for something, tighten one's belt - live on less money than usual. Spend less, made of money - be very rich,

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