1) Io non gioco a tennis a) I play no tennis b) I don't play tennis c) I no play tennis 2) Tu non vai al cinema a) You go to the cinema b) you no go to the cinema c) You don't go to the cinema 3) Lei non legge un libro a) She doesn't read a book b) She don't reads a book c) She no read a book 4) Voi non studiate a) You doesnt' studies b) You no studies c) You don't study 5) Lei non guida a) She don't drives b) She doesn't drive c) She no drives 6) Lui non va a scuola a) She doesn't go to school b) He doesn't go to school c) He don't go to school 7) Il gatto non dorme a) The cat don't sleep b) The cat don't sleeps c) The cat doesn't sleep

INGLESE: forma negativa Simple Present




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