To overdo - do or use to do too much of something, overweight - too heavy, ache - continuous pain, keep track - stay level or equal, cut down - reduce the amount you consume, rate - the speed at which something happens, back on your feed - to be well again, to stay physically healthy - keeps in shape, an uncertain situation - touch and go, to rest for a period of time - recharge his batteries, to stay mentally active - keep his brain sharp, Fracture - the act or process of breaking or the state of being brokenr process of breaking or the state of being broken, Torn muscle - severe, may need an operation, Overtired - Tired to the point of being unable to sleep, Tend to do - Something you frequently do, For a sore throat, it's good to drink... - Tea with lemon and honey, Stamina - the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort., Upset - Sad, unhappy, To graduate - to successfully finish a course/degree, I was thirsty so I stopped... - buy a drink on the way home,




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