Hello. My name is Lisa and I am going to talk about my favourite café. My favourite café is Starbucks. I like it because the coffee is ____, the service is ____ and it’s not very ____. There is a Starbucks café in the town where I live. I like the décor. The walls are ____ and the furniture is ____. There are some sofas in the corner and ____ armchairs in the window. I like the cakes very much and I usually have an americano with ____ milk and a piece of carrot cake. Last week I went to Starbucks. I ordered a coffee and did a little bit of work on my ____ laptop. It was so relaxing. Next week I’m meeting a friend in town. We are going to see a ____ movie and then have a coffee in Starbucks of course! Thank you for listening. Do you have any questions.




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