All major stores and many other shops sell online, and a lot of people prefer going to their ____ than the actual shop. The first time you use a site, you usually have to create an ____ where you give your personal details. Then you choose what you want to buy, and click on each ____. Everything you buy goes in your ____, usually at the top right of the page. When you are ready to pay, click on 'proceed to ____'. You then have to give the ____ address where you want them to send your things. You can usually pay extra for ____ delivery- standard delivery is sometimes free. You then choose how you want to pay, for example with a credit or ____ card or with PayPal and you give your ____ details, for example your credit card number and expiry date. Finally you confirm your payment and receive a reference ____ and a confirmation ____. And then you wait! Many people also buy and sell things online at ____ sites like eBay.




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