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1. [vandalism] is a common crime in this city.  A lot of the buildings have been spray-painted, and several cards have broken windows. 2. The artist sees her paintings as a form of [self-expression].  She shows a different part of her personality in every painting. 3. Many artist carefully consider the [composition] of their paintings, especially where people are placed in relation to other objects. 4. The newspaper review contained a lot of [criticism] about the artist's work. 5. Police officers discovered the [identity] of the graffiti artist when he was caught on camera painting on an office building. 6. The journalist will [comment] on the new paintings in the gallery when he writes about them in his next article. 7. Some people believe that all artist have [the right] to paint wherever they want, without being punished. 8. The unusual colours and shapes in the painting showed the artist's [creativity]..

LS Unlock 4 (2nd ed) - Unit 7 Listening 1


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