1) To access the Outlook Calendar folder, select _________ in the Navigation Pane? a) Event b) Schedule c) Calendar d) Appointment 2) You can change your view of the Calendar information by using the commands in the ____________ group? a) Arrange b) Share c) New d) Manage Calendars 3) Work Week Calendar View shows the current working week? a) True b) False 4) Appointments can NOT be made in the Calendar View? a) True b) False 5) In Outlook you can schedule a recurring appointment? a) True b) False 6) An event is an appointment that lasts an entire day? a) True b) False 7) You can create a task from the ____________ folder? a) Calendar b) Event c) Schedule d) Task 8) A Task can be created Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly? a) True b) False 9) You can create electronic notes in Microsoft Outlook? a) True b) False 10) You are NOT able to share your calendar to other contacts? a) True b) False





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