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traditional - _____ fairy tales still have an influence in the 21st century., gender - Children are likely to be influenced by fairy tales and assume _____ roles., rely - Women today are encouraged to _____ on their brains rather than their good looks., harmful - Liz Grauerholz and Lory Baker-Sperry claim that fairy tales about princesses may be _____., emphasis - Liz Grauerholz and Lory Baker-Sperry's research puts _____ on how beauty is portrayed in fairy tales, unattractive - The villains in fairy tales are usually portrayed as _____., reinforce - Stories written by the Grimm brothers in the 1800s _____ gender roles between girls and boys., insecure - Some women still feel _____ about standing up for themselves in the workplacel.,

Linking Lines Revised Unit 3 Vocabulary - use the word bank on page 69




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