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1. Aboriginal people use artistic forms - ... to manage the land., 2. For indigenous Australians, art and craft are - ... very closely connected., 3. 'Cultural genocide' can be committed by - ... separating 'art' and 'craft'., 4. The European influenced art sector continues - ... to make decisions about what art is and what it isn't., 5. Lin Onus looked into the idea of exclusion in Australian art by - ... showing illustrations by Ellis Rowan., 6. Aboriginal people believe that art should not - ... be enclosed in glass in a museum., 7. The Tjanpi Desert Weavers can combine their traditional techniques - ... with their current life experiences., 8. The author believes - ... that lived experience is reflected in an artist's work., 9. The author argues for - ... a better representation of Aboriginal art as 'art' not just 'traditional craft'., 10. The author recommends - ... that other indigenous artists follow the example of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.,

Unlock 4 - Art and Design - Reading EXT


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