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bladder - where urine is held/stored, cowpersgland - secretes clear fluid to clean urethra, ejaculation - muscle contractions that push out semen, epididymis - coiled tube where sperm mature, erection - when the penis fills with blood, fertilization - when the sperm meets the egg, penis - male organ for delivering sperm to the female, prostategland - makes a milky fluid to help sperm move, scrotum - controls temperature of testicles, semen - fluid containing sperm produced during sex, seminalfluid - provides energy to sperm, seminalvesicles - pouches that contain seminal fluid, sperm - male sex cell, testicles - makes testosterone and sperm, testosterone - male sex hormone, urethra - tube inside penis that both urine and semen exits, vas deferens - stores sperm from epididymis,

Male Reproductive System Crossword


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