1) How Can I Check My Work For ERRORS? a) Run a spellcheck b) Select the text and right click with my mouse c) Proofread d) Save my work e) Highlight the text and right click with my mouse f) Print 2) What happens FIRST when I click on an image? a) Nothing b) Saves my work c) Lets me move my picture d) Picture Tools Tab opens e) Table Tools Tab opens 3) What must I FIRST do before I can change something? a) Select the data with my mouse b) Save c) Click on an icon d) Highlight the information 4) Identify which command is SAVE AS and NOT Save a) Renames the document b) Saves work with an existing filename c) Changes the name of my document d) Saves my work automatically e) There is no difference f) Saves my work with a new filename 5) What happens if I COPY something? a) Duplicates b) Let's me paste where I want c) Cut's the information from the page d) Takes a copy e) Removes the highlighted information 6) How Can I Know What An Icon Does? a) Click to see what happens b) Hover over with mouse and a dialogue box opens c) Spellcheck d) Ask built-in help e) Don't do anything 7) Which TAB would I click on to upload a picture? a) Insert Tab b) Picture Tools Tab c) Table Tools Tab d) Design Tab e) Home Tab 8) Which is LANDSCAPE Orientation? a) b) 9) When I want to RESIZE an image, why must I click on the CORNER grab handles? a) To keep aspect ratio b) Doesn't matter c) So it does NOT distort my image d) Keeps my image in proportion 10) Identify the INPUT devices a) b) c) d) e) f) 11) Identify which is SOFTWARE a) b) c) d) e) f) 12) Which is also known as a POINTING DEVICE a) b) c) d) e) 13) Which is True? a) Employers in the UK are legally required to protect the welfare of employees b) Employers can make up ALL of the rules, it's their business c) Cardiovascular disease is thought to be triggered by stress 14) COMMON CAUSES OF WORKPLACE STRESS COULD BE BECAUSE... a) I'm overworked b) I feel under appreciated c) I have regular breaks d) Breakdown in communication e) I tell my boss if there's a problem 15) How Can I STAY SAFE ONLINE? a) Use only SECURE Sites b) Strong Password c) Install Anti-virus software d) Write down my Password e) Don't click on an UNSECURE Site f) Don't post personal information 16) How can I tell when a site is secure? a) Look for the HTTP b) It's showing on my web browser c) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure d) Look for the HTTPS e) Padlock 17) Which is a STRONG Password? a) @*mYP4s5w9rD!# b) Date of Birth c) A mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols d) Include Personal Information e) Create a LONG Password 18) What does Anti-Virus Software do? a) Prevents, detects and removes Malware b) Stops Phishing c) Prevents Worms d) Protects against Ransomware e) Makes my computer operate 19) Which symbol would I click on if I want to attach something to my email? a) b) c) 20) This symbol means AT... a) b) c) d) 21) When creating an email, what does Cc mean? a) Blank Carbon Copy b) Copy of your Contacts c) Carbon Copy d) Sends a copy of the email to somebody else




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