1) Which fictional family (live) at 4 Privet Drive? a) The Dursleys b) The Griffins c) The Simpsons 2) In which film series (an actor/say) 'May the force be with you'? a) Star Trek b) Back to the Future c) Star Wars 3) How many Oscars (Walt Disney/win) in his life? a) 2 b) 12 c) 22 4) What superpower (Batman/have)? a) immortality b) none c) invisibility 5) In which country (Peter Jackson/film) The Lord of the Rings? a) England b) Australia c) New Zealand 6) How much (an Oscar/weigh)? a) 2.5 kilos b) 4 kilos c) 7 kilos 7) Which actress (play) the part of Belle in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast? a) Scarlett Johansson b) Natalie Portman c) Emma Watson 8) In which film (Arnold Schwarzenegger/say) 'Hasts la vista, baby'? a) Terminator 2 b) The Terminator c) Terminator 3 9) Which actor (play) James Bond in more films? a) Sean Connery b) Roger Moore c) Pierce Brosnan




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