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1) Why are olive trees dying? a) They've been attacked by deadly bacteria. b) Farmers forgot to water them. c) It's hasn't rained much during the whole year. 2) How many olive trees used to thrive in the region, according to the video? a) 3000 b) 4000 c) 5000 3) For how long have the family of Italian oil producers owned the land with the olive trees? a) almost 2 centuries b) almost 3 centuries c) almost 5 centuries 4) What's exactly happening to the trees because of the bacteria? a) They stopped producing olives. b) They're drying up. c) They're not growing as much as before. 5) How much has the farmer's output plunged? a) By around 80%. b) By around 90%. c) By around 70% 6) What has the ruined plantation become? a) A filed to grow other types of trees. b) An experimental field for researchers and students from different parts of the world. c) A campsite for tourists. 7) How is the bacteria transmitted from tree to tree? a) By birds. b) By the wind. c) By insects. 8) What do the bacteria do? a) They block water and mineral salt going from the roots to the leaves. b) They stop the roots from growing underground. c) They eat the tree from the inside. 9) What's the solution to the problem? a) To develop plants which are resistant or show low susceptibility to the disease. b) To kill the bacteria. c) To cure the olive trees. 10) How many varieties of olive trees have been identified as resistant to the disease? a) 3 varieties b) 5 varieties c) 2 varieties

Europe steps up fight to stop deadly olive tree disease - listening


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