1) When I do my homework, I make sure to find a quiet place to work. I try to make sure there isn't loud music or a tv to distract me. What does distract mean? a) help b) change focus c) have good concentration 2) The girls had a great time playing games. Sandra made sure not to move when her friend yelled "freeze." What meaning of freeze is used in this sentence? a) to become covered in ice b) to become very cold c) to be motionless 3) My family is leaving for our annual beach trip. We go every year! What does the word annual mean? a) once every year b) twice a year c) every month 4) Randy had high hopes that he could enter the football team. He practiced every day until the tryouts. What meaning of enter is used in this sentence? a) to go into b) to become a member c) to insert 5) I set up a lemonade stand this summer. I need to earn money to buy a new bike. I am nervous, but I hope this venture will pay off. What does venture mean? a) daring to go somewhere b) stating a possibly upsetting comment c) a risky business 6) The bank robbers dumped the getaway car in a field several miles away from the bank. Which meaning of dumped is used in the sentence? a) to abandon b) to throw away c) to transfer data to storage 7) Our trip to the cavern was fun but hard. There were about 150 steps to descend before we reached the bottom. What does descend mean? a) to go down b) to make a sudden attack c) to come from 8) The judge asked Paul why he had broken the law. Paul could not look him in the eye and give him a straight answer. What meaning of straight is used in this sentence? a) Without curves or bends b) honest c) correct 9) While planning my party, my mom asked me which place I wanted to go, which pizza I wanted, and what type of cake I would prefer.  What does prefer mean? a) dislike b) eat c) like better 10) Yesterday I went to visit my cousin who was getting ready to go on vacation. I didn't stay long because I didn't want to keep him from missing his flight. What meaning of keep is used? a) to take care of b) to hold back c) to save 11) Ten people from my class tried out for the school spelling bee team. I was surprised to find out that I was the sole team member from my class. What does sole mean? a) the one and only b) a type of flat fish c) the underside of your foot 12) Tommy received a new puppy for his birthday. He decided to call him Spot because he had a spot on one eye. What meaning of spot is used? a) to telephone someone b) to speak loudly or shout c) to give a name 13) Sometimes my teacher has to have a substitute. On those days, things won't be like they usually are, so we have to be flexible.  What does flexible mean? a) bend without breaking b) able to adapt to changes c) stiff 14) Brenda was so nervous when she had to walk up to the stand, grab the microphone, and give her speech. What meaning of the word stand is used? a) a raised platform where someone gives a speech b) a small structure for selling c) a place in the courtroom 15) When we want to play baseball, we go to a vacant lot because there is plenty of space to run the bases and there is nothing in the way. What does vacant mean? a) full b) empty c) showing no intelligence

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