1) What day of the week does the 18th fall on? a) Friday b) Wednesday c) Tuesday d) Thursday 2) What is the date on the second Thursday of the month? a) 9th b) 2nd c) 23rd d) 16th 3) The 3rd of the month is a Sunday. What date is another Sunday? a) 29th b) 7th c) 16th d) 24th 4) What day of the week does the 13th fall on? a) Monday b) Thursday c) Friday d) Tuesday 5) What is the date of the fourth Tuesday of the month? a) 22nd b) 29th c) 23rd d) 30th 6) The 21st of the month is a Monday. What date is another Monday a) 27th b) 13th c) 22nd d) 7th




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