...I had an umbrella. - It started to rain, but fortunately,..., ...I had to work. - Maria invited me to her party, but unfortunately..., Fortunately, I had enough worksheets.  - Suddenly, two new students came into the class!, Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy one! - I would love a BMW!, ...the phone rang and woke him up. - He was sleeping when suddenly..., I called 999 immediately and asked for the fire brigade! - I was cooking last night and my pan caught fire! , She walks very slowly. - my grandmother is 95 years old! , ...even when she's angry. - My grandmother is lovely. She always speaks softly, , ...before it left. - He ran quickly to catch the bus..., ...to the wonderful music. - They danced beautifully..., ...when she saw her best friend. - She smiled happily..., ...along the narrow path. - hey walked slowly and carefully..., ... and very badly! All the people left the bar.  - She sang loudly...,

Adverds: Match the two parts of the sentences.




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