1) Have you________________ been to London? a) never b) yet c) ever 2) Sara has_____________________had a shower? a) yet b) just c) never 3) We haven't had coffee together____________________last Christmas. a) since b) for 4) My parents have__________________visited Barcelona in winter. a) ever b) never 5) He's lived in this house____________________ ten years. a) for b) since 6) You have__________________ done your homework! That was quick! a) just b) yet c) already 7) A: Is Mike home? B: No, He's___________________gone out. a) already b) just 8) They've studied English only________________ a month. a) for b) since 9) I've _________________seen this film. Let's choose a different one. a) just b) already 10) Has she ____________________tried windsurfing? a) ever b) never

Present Perfect ever, never, just, already, yet, since, for




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