1) _____you play Minecraft yesterday? a) Are b) Did 2) _____ you play on Friday? a) When b) What did 3) _____she at home last night? a) Does b) Was 4) When_____he kill his enemy? a) was b) did 5) _____he drive fast last night? a) Was b) Did 6) When_____you buy this car? a) are b) did 7) _____your friends in this place last week? a) Did b) Were 8) _____your mom cook the dinner? a) Is b) Did 9) What_____your friend see? a) did b) is 10) What_____the villager do last month? a) did b) does 11) Why_____ you go so slow? a) did b) does 12) _____Steve kill the skeleton? a) Did b) Does 13) Where_____the zombie and the creeper yesterday? a) was b) were 14) _____the zombies ambush (přepadnout) the players last night? a) Was b) Did 15) How many players_____in Fortnite yesterday? a) was b) were c) are

Jeník - Questions PAST TENSE




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