What's the name of your favorite singer?, How do you spell your last name?, What are some places in your city?, What is your favourite TV show?, What are your 3 favourite pets?, Can you spell your first name?, What is your favorite book?, When is your birthday?, What do you do every day?, Who are the people in your family?, What is your favorite food?, What is your favorite sport?, What do you usually do at weekends?, What do you do in your free time?, Who is your favorite actress/actor?, What is your favorite movie?, What do you usually drink in the morning?, What are your parent's names?, What are your 3 favourite subjects?, What places do you see on your way to school?, Do you like to listen to music?, What job do you want to do when you are older? , What is your favorite English word?, What three words to describe you?, What is your daily routine?, How did you get to school today?, What did you do last weekend?, What is your favorite restaurant?.

Speaking questions - Simple Present + Past


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