Comments - To keep a conversation going, we make, Questions - To keep a conversation going, we ask, Topic - In a conversation, we stay on, Bored - We need to change the topic if someone looks, Annoyed - We need to stop what we're doing if someone looks, Interviewer - If you ask too many questions too quickly, you are being an, Ping Pong - A conversation is a like a game of, Rambling - If you keep talking on and on and on, without letting the other person talk, you are, Turns - We don't hog the conversation. We take, Small Talk - A short, casual conversation we have with someone who we haven't seen in a while., Empathy - When we understand how someone feels and say/do something to make them feel better., Bullying - When someone is very mean to us or mean over and over., Coping Strategies - When we are upset, we can use ______ ______ to calm down., Teasing - When someone close to us is joking or poking fun at us., Social Cues - Other people's facial expressions or body language, Assertive - When we say what we want in a calm, respectful tone, we are being, Passive - When we don't say what we want or say it in a quiet, timid tone, we are being, Aggressive - When we say what we want in a loud, angry tone, we are being,

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