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Sedimentary Rock - Made from the deposition and cementation of small rock particles., Metamorphic rock - Rock formed from the action of high pressure and temperatures., Igneous Rock - Rock formed from cooling lava or magma., Freeze-Thaw - When ice forms in rocks and breaks them apart by expanding., Chemical Weathering - A type of weathering often caused by acids., Biological Weathering - When a living thing contributes to breaking rocks apart, Crust - The solid outer layer of the Earth, Mantle - The middle liquid layer of the Earth., Core - The hot solid central layer of the Earth., Atmosphere - The blanket of gasses that surrounds the earths surface., Extrusive - A type of igneous rock formed on the surface., Intrusive - A type of igneous rock formed under the surface of the earth., Smaller - The size of crystals when molten rock cools quickly., Larger - The size of crystals when molten rock cools slowly., Carbon - The name of an element that is cycled around the earth by respiration and photosynthesis., Slate - A type of metamorphic used to make tiles, Limestone - A type of sedimentary rock formed from marine organisms., Granite - A type of intrusive igneous rock with large crystals., Basalt - A type of extrusive igneous rock with small crystals., Weathering - the breakdown of rocks IN-SITU, Erosion - the breakdown and transportation of rocks.,

Earth and Atmosphere


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