1) Things you shouldn't say to your mother-in-law / maths teacher. 2) Ways to embarrass yourself on a first date. 3) Excuses for not doing your homework. 4) Reasons why aliens haven't contacted us yet. 5) How to annoy your roommate in a few easy steps. 6) Things that would make terrible wedding gifts. 7) Excuses for why you're always late. 8) How to make friends with a grumpy cat. 9) Ways to procrastinate effectively. 10) Reasons why you should never try to teach your grandparents how to use a computer. 11) How to fake being sick to get out of work. 12) Things you shouldn't do while driving. 13) How to get out of a speeding ticket. 14) Ways to make a boring meeting / lesson more interesting. 15) How to convince your boss to give you a raise / your teacher to give you a better mark.




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