1) relaxed, not worried a) selfish b) clever c) calm d) arrogant 2) giving people lots of time, money or gifts in a kind way a) calm b) generous c) arrogant d) bossy 3) caring only about yourself and not other people a) selfish b) competitive c) jealous d) generous 4) wanting to win and be more successful than others a) competitive b) bossy c) calm d) clever 5) unhappy and angry because you want something that somebody else has a) clever b) arrogant c) bossy d) jealous 6) intelligent a) calm b) selfish c) clever d) jealous 7) believing you are better or more important than other people a) arrogant b) bossy c) clever d) competitive 8) always telling other people what to do a) competitive b) calm c) bossy d) selfish

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