He paused at the top of the hill, trying to get his ____. They warned the Chancellor that raising taxes in the Budget could ____ the recovery He could not sleep despite his extreme ____ My mother gets very ____ when she's alone in the house. They have still to ____ long distances with buckets to ____ water from the wells several times a day. The ____ majority of children attend state schools. He broke off a ____ from a willow tree and used it to shoo the flies away. Seeing the police in there ____ me. The trees formed a leafy ____ above their heads. The deer never became ____; they would run away if you approached them. They have spent a ____ amount of money on construction. She's full of energy, like a ____ spring. These ____ bananas are giving off a bad smell. He ____ again and again but couldn't seem to get clean.

Vocabulary from U5 reading Complete Advanced book




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