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A helium nucleus - Alpha, Symbol for mass number - A, Mass number of alpha particle - 4, Mass number of beta particle - 0, Mass number of gamma ray - 0, Atomic number of alpha - 2, Atomic number of ordinary beta - -1, Where protons and neutrons are in the atom - Nucleus, Alpha stopped by (part of body) - Skin, Gamma stopped by (metal) - Lead, Radiation with the highest ionizing power - Alpha, Radiation with the highest penetrating power - Gamma, The ??? of tritium is 12 years - Half life, Radioactive gas which comes up through rocks - Radon, Ionizing radiation from outer space - Cosmic rays, The scientist who proved the existence of the nucleus in an atom - Rutherford, In Fission 2 or 3 ............ are released - Neutrons, Number of protons is in the nucleus is called - Atomic number, Mass number is number of - Protons and neutrons, Two atoms with same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons - Isotopes, Form of radioactivity in smoke alarm - Alpha, Form of radioactivity in medical sterilizer - Gamma, The nuclear reaction that powers the sun - Fusion, Nuclear reaction that happens in nuclear power station - Fission, the fuel in a nuclear reactor is Plutonium or ? - Uranium,

Radioactive tile race


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