1) We make Bonfires. a) Succot b) Purim c) Lag B'Omer d) Rosh Hashanah 2) We build a Succah. a) Shavuot b) Succot c) Hanukah d) Lag B'Omer 3) We cook potatoes in the fire. a) Succot b) Lag B'Omer c) Purim d) Hanukah 4) We dip apples in honey. a) Succot b) Rosh Hashanah c) Passover d) Purim 5) We collect wood. a) Purim b) Shavuot c) Independence Day d) Lag B'Omer 6) We do not eat or drink. a) Passover b) Yom Kippur c) Purim d) Succot

Jewish holidays - connect the sentence to the correct holiday2




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