1) Dear____________________ (choose all correct answers) a) Sir / Madam, b) Mr or Mrs, c) Sir or Madam, 2) ____________________________to apply for a job of a Student Ambassador at East Ham campus. a) I'm writing b) I'm writting c) I am writting d) I am writing 3) I am _________________________ a Level 1 student of ESOL study programme. a) curently b) currently c) currentely 4) I _________________________I have skills, qualities and qualifications you are looking for. a) bilive b) bilieve c) beleive d) believe 5) I am ___________________________, well-organized and assertive. a) conscientios b) conscietious c) conscientious 6) In ____________________, I have got experience in ______________________ service. a) addition, customer b) adittion, costumer c) addition, costumer d) adition, customer 7) Choose appropriate: a) My English is great b) I speak English very well. 8) I _____________________ my CV for your information. a) enclose b) attach c) have attached 9) I ___________________________ from you soon. a) hope to hear b) look forward to hearing c) look forward to hear 10) Yours ____________________________, a) sincerely b) sincerly c) faithfuly




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