Purse - A small bag ., strap - a narrow piece pf leather., Shoulder - The two parts of the body between the top of each arm and the neck., Snatch - Take something quickly and often rudely or roughly., Sidewallk - A flat at part at the side of a road for pepole to walko on.n, rattle - to make a series of short loud sounds when shaking .or hitting against something hard , tightly - in a way that is very strict and hard to resist avoid. , Ashamed - feeling shame or feeling embarrassed aboht sombody., to release - to let somebody come out of a place where they have been kept or stuck and unable to leave or move., drag, draging - pull somebod somebode/something along with affort and difficulty., corner - part of something where two or more sides, lines or edges join., screen - the flat surface at the front of a television,computer,or other electronic device, on which you see pictures or information., Trust - the belief that somebody/something is good, sincere,honest,etc., heat - the quality being hot, beans - a seeds of a climbing plant ,




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