It was about eleven o’clock at night., A large lady was walking home alone., A boy tried to snatch her purse., The boy lost his balance and fell over. , The lady kicked the boy. , The lady picked up the boy and shook him. , The lady told the boy to pick up her purse., The boy has a dirty face and nobody at home., The lady drags the boy to her house., The lady tells the boy to wash his face., The boy wants the lady to trust him now. , The lady feeds the boy., The lady asks the boy why he tried to steal her purse., The boy tells the lady he wants to buy blue shoes., The lady tells the boy that she also did things she is ashamed of but didn't try to steal., The lady gives the boy $10 to buy the shoes., The lady tells the boy to behave himself., The boy wants to say something but only says "Thank You Ma'am".,




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