1) Who were the Suffragettes? 2) What did EP fight for? 3) What happened to RP? 4) What is Malala fighting for? 5) What did MLKing fight for? 6) What is the American system of government? 7) Which are the brenches of the federal government of the USA 8) When did the USA enter the World War II and why? 9) What happened to Malala on the bus? 10) What is segregation? 11) Talk about sustainability 12) What are the subjects in Andy Warhol paintings? 13) What is the Apartheid? 14) What did N. Mandela fight for? 15) General information about South Africa 16) Where did you go last summer? 17) What are you going to study next year? 18) What will you do this Summer? 19) Talk about yourself




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