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Black Cowboys of Texas - Former slaves that found freedom through the cowboy life, Chisholm Trail - Early cattle trail from San Antonia, Texas to Abilene, Kansas, Great Western Cattle Trail - Cattle trail from South Texas to the Midwest, civilian - Person who is not in the military, immigrant - a person who leaves one country to live in another, imperialism - larger countries trying to take over smaller ones, Jesup Wagon - Mobile agricultural school started by George Washington Carver, scarce - not having enough, rare, superpower - a nation that is among the most powerful in the world, transcontinental railroad - The first railroad to cross the U.S. completed in 1869, Alexander Graham Belll - invented the telephone, Thomas Edison - light bulb filament and electric power station, The Wright Brothers - First Flight, George Washington Carver - Plant Scientist who helped farmers and found many uses for peanuts,

Turn of the Century


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