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1) Where will ice MOST LIKELY weather Earth's surface features? a) on the ocean floor below icebergs b) on land where much rain falls and temperatures are warm c) on land where little rain falls and temperatures are below freezing d) on land where rain falls and temperatures vary above and below freezing 2) Which statement describes how deposition builds up the surface of a floodplain? a) Lava flows from a volcano and piles up b) Rainwater seeps into the ground and freezes c) a river flows over its banks and slows down d) a river slows down as it flows into the ocean 3) The leaders of a coastal town want to slow the erosion of a nearby beach. Which technology should they research? a) groins b) levees c) storm drains d) beach nourishment 4) A scientist studies volcanic eruption. Which observation is the BEST evidence to support the argument that volcanic eruptions are constructive processes? a) Hot gasses escape from volcanoes b) lava flows out of volcanoes and piles up c) Plants and animals die during volcanic eruptions d) The top of a volcano blows off during an eruption 5) A state builds a dam across a river. How will the dam MOST LIKELY affect the region? a) It will prevent flooding by blocking high waves b) It will rebuild an eroded floodplain by trapping sediment c) it will prevent flooding by controlling the flow of the river d) it will reduce erosion by providing a place for storm drains to drain into 6) Scientists notice that islands form along a coast where ocean currents slow down. Here, sediment settles to the ocean floor. The sediment piles up until it rises above the ocean surface. Which process forms these islands? a) erosion b) deposition c) weathering d) volcanic eruption 7) Scientists place several seismographs along a mountain chain. Which question will the scientists MOST LIKELY answer with information they collected from the seismographs? a) Where do faults occur? b) How tall are the mountains? c) How can earthquakes be prevented? d) Which parts of the mountains are formed by volcanic eruptions? 8) Yonah Mountain is in Georgia. How will Earth's destructive processes MOST LIKELY cause Yonah Mountain to change? a) It will become wider b) it will become higher c) it will become steeper d) it will become more rounded

Earth Science Challenge


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