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kingdom - organisms can be sorted into one of 5 of these, binomial name - made up of the genus and the species name, hybrid - the result of breeding two animals from different species, species - a group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring, producer - organisms which produce food, consumer - organisms which get their food from other organisms, trophic level - a feeding level in a food chain, egestion - the way an animal the way an animal gets rid of undigested food waste called faeces, excretion - the process of getting rid of waste from the body, energy efficiency - energy used for growth / energy supplied x 100, decay - the breakdown of organisms releasing chemical elements, carbon sink - carbon dioxide is absorbed by oceans, nitryifying bacteria - convert ammonia into nitrites, nitrogen-fixing bacteria - 'fix' nitrogen gas and turn it into ammonia and then into amino acids, denitrifying bacteria - turns nitrates into nitrogen, ecological niche - the role an organism plays in an ecosystem, predator - eats prey, prey - eaten by predator, parasitic relationship - organisms lives off a host, usually causing damage, mutualistic relationship - relationship where both organisms benefit, cyclic fluctuation - 'up down pattern' that predator and prey populations follow,

B2 a-d keywords


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