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Destructive Processes - Processes that wear down earth's surface, Constructive Processes - Processes that build up earth's surface, weathering - the breaking down of rock at or near the earth's surface, erosion - when broken rock is carried away to new places, deposition - when sediment is dropped in new places, building up the earth's surface, glacier - large sheet of ice that moves slowly over land, flood - overflow of water onto land that is usually dry, earthquake - strong, sudden shaking of the ground when one sheet of rock under the earth's surface slides past another, landslide - when rocks and soil slide down a mountain or hill, erupt - when melted rock, gasses, and ash break through the earth's surface, volcano - the hole created when melted rock, gasses, and ash erupt through the surface of the earth, hurricane - a storm with powerful winds and heavy rain, tornado - fast-spinning wind shaped like a cone, landform - a surface feature of the earth, sediment - loose particles of weathered rock, including pebbles and sand, ice wedging - when ice freezes and thaws in cracks of rock, over time it breaks the rock apart, gravity - a force that pulls objects down, delta - a flat piece of land made up by sediment deposited by a river at its mouth, floodplain - when a river floods, it drops sediment outside its banks and forms a wide flat area of land along the sides, dune - hill of sand deposited by wind, moraine - ridge of sediment deposited when a glacier melts, fault - a break in the rock that makes up earth's crust, or top layer, magma - melted rock below the earth's surface, lava - melted rock that reaches the earth's surface, technology - the practical use of science to solve problems, dam - a structure built ACROSS river to control its flow, levee - a structure built along the banks of a river to control its flow, storm drains - grate and pipe that allows water to drain off roads into a nearby waterway to prevent flooding of streets, beach nourishment - the process of adding sand to an eroding beach to rebuild it, seismologists - scientists who study earthquakes,

Earth Science Vocabulary


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