Similarties: Reacting to political oppression, Saw leadership change, USSR intervened with force, West ‘did nothing’, Communist control tightened afterwards, Had longstanding social and economic grievances, Student protests, Both had been led by Soviet ‘puppets’, Concessions were followed by ‘tanks’, David vs Goliath, Condemned by international community, Post event defections, Soviets reestablished hardline communist regimes, Differences: Hungary wanted to leave the Warsaw pact, Dubcek was a loyal communist, Nagy was arrested executed, The Czechs responded to invasion with passive resistance, 3000 Hungarians died, 50 Czechs died, Dubcek was forced to resign, Religion was mattered more in Hungary, Some negative reaction from Warsaw pact countries, Fierce fighting for 2 weeks, Prompted by DeStalinisation, Nicolae Ceaușescu critical of Brezhnev, Involved 5 countries from the Warsaw pact,




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