1) What was Solidarity? a) An intellectual pressure group b) The Polish security forces c) A Trade Union d) An anti-communist paramilitary group 2) Who was the leader of the Solidarity movement? a) Anton Novotny b) Lech Walesea c) Alexander Dubcek d) Lenoid Brezhnev 3) Which groups made up Solidarity? a) Intellectuals b) Disaffected soldiers c) Farmers d) Religious leaders e) Workers 4) Where did the Solidarity movement begin? a) Lenin Shipyard - Gadansk b) Stalin shipyard - Gadansk c) Karl Marx shipyard - Gadansk 5) According to Stalin. 'Poland suited communism as much as a saddle suited a ....?' a) Dog b) Horse c) Cow d) Pig 6) Which of the following are 'true' of Solidarity? a) It made 21 demands b) It protested violently  c) It had 10 million members 7) Which of following were Solidarity demands? a) Right to form an independent trade union b) A right to strike c) A pay increase of 2000 Zloty per month d) A rest day on Saturday e) Improved working conditions f) Increase in retirement age to 55 8) Which of the following best describes Solidarity? a) A broad based, peaceful, pro communist movement b) A militant group of hard line communists c) A broad based, peaceful, anti-communist movement d) A militant group of hardline anti-communists  9) What happened to Solidarity in 1981? a) It doubled its membership b) The USSR banned it c) It went underground d) The Polish leader Jaruzelski banned it 10) When did Solidarity re-emerge? (after being banned in 1981) a) 1986 b) 1987 c) 1988 d) 1989 11) Why did Solidarity re-emerge in 1988? a) In response to continuing poor economic conditions b) In protest to food costs increasing by 40% c) The Polish Government asked it to d) The USSR had a new leader - Gorbachev 12) What did the ‘Round Table Talks’ in 1989 do? a) Banned Solidarity (Again) b) Legalised Solidarity c) Asked the USSR to intervene d) Called for free elections 13) What happened in the Polish elections of 1989? a) Communists were defeated b) Solidarity formed a coalition government  c) Communists won a narrow victory 14) What was significant about 1990? a) Gorbachev came to power in the USSR b) The Chernobyl Disaster c) Lech Walesa elected President 15) What slogan is associated with the Solidarity movement? a) Work sets you Free b) Work is overrated c) From bread will come freedom d) From 2000 Zloty’s will come bread




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