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1) Which of the following is one of Thomas Edison's inventions? a) telephone b) internet c) stagecoach d) electric light bulb 2) He was born in Ireland. He came to the US to live. He working in the US and sent money back to family members in Ireland. a) citizen b) refugee c) governor d) immigrant 3) Five million head of cattle were moved along the Chisholm Trail during the late 1800s. Which of the following was MOST clearly and immediately affected by this movement of cattle? a) the economy of Texas b) the population of Georgia c) the outcome of the Civil War d) the border dispute between the US and Mexico 4) Which of the following is the MOST LIKELY effect of the importance of railroads in the Midwest during the mid-1800s? a) They made economic growth possible b) they gave rise to many new inventions c) they allowed people to travel to see friends d) they helped make shipping by boat more efficient 5) What was the MOST important reason why the Panama Canal was built? a) to connect the Colorado River to the Mississippi River b) To connect the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean c) to connect the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean d) To connect the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean 6) Where were most new factories built in the United States after the Civil War? a) Northern states b) southern cities c) western territories d) southeastern locations 7) Which of the following was the MAIN purpose for the cattle drives in the United States during the 19th century? a) to bring cattle to markets b) to take cattle to safer ranch land c) to move cattle away from harsh weather d) to exchange cattle with other owners 8) The Wright Brothers created a machine that could fly. How did this invention of the airplane impact American life? a) airplanes allowed people to travel farther faster b) airplanes became the most dangerous way to travel c) Americans only used airplanes in war and did not use them for commercial traavel d) Americans loved to travel by plane, which led to airplanes becoming the cheapest way to travel 9) Which of the following was the MAIN source of economic activity in the Midwest in the years just before 1900? a) tourism b) banking c) ranching d) manufacturing 10) How did the Spanish American War change the United States' role in the world? a) the Us took over Spain, putting land in Europe under US control b) Spain easily defeated the US, so other countries did not view the US as a trade partner c) The US victory over Spain gave the US control of overseas lands and established it as a world power d) the long war cost the US millions of dollars and led to it being indebted to several foreign countries 11) How did the building of the Panama Canal help promote trade between countries? a) It helped lower taxes on goods shipped between countries b) it created a centralized location where goods could be exchanged c) it made it cheaper and quicker for countries to ship goods to one another d) It showed how easy it is to build a canal, so many other countries built canals. 12) Through which state did the Chisholm Trail pass? a) Georgia b) Oklahoma c) Washington d) New York 13) In what state is Kitty Hawk located? a) Georgia b) New York c) North Carolina d) Texas 14) How did the Transcontinental Railroad influence the growth of the United States? a) It encouraged people and industry to move to the West b) It helped make Omaha one of the most populous US cities c) It shifted agricultural work mostly away from the East and Southeast d) It caused California to apply for US statehood 15) Theodore Roosevelt led a band of soldiers called the Rough Riders to fight in the Spanish American War. What was the MOST important reason Roosevelt fought in this war? a) to fight Spanish colonial rule in Cuba b) to get written up in newspaper accounts of the day c) to see the Panama Canal d) to connect the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean 16) What was Alexander Graham Bell's MOST important invention? a) telephone b) peanut oil c) cotton gin d) airplane 17) In the late 1800s, which of the following groups found new freedom by becoming cowboys and by driving cattle from Texas into railroad towns in Kansas? a) white men b) white women c) black men d) black women 18) Around the year 1900, most immigrants lived in large cities. Few had much money. Their homes were not in good condition. What is the MOST LIKELY reason that immigrants came to the US, even though they had to live this way? a) the world war forced them to move to a safer country b) they had more opportunities in the US c) they already lived that way in their home countries d) the US government paid them to move to this country 19) Supply and demand are related. If there is a shortage of basketballs on the market, what should happen to the price of basketballs? a) Basketballs will become more expensive until the shortage ends b) People will produce more basketballs regardless of price c) the price of basketballs will change in some places but not others d) fewer people will play basketball so the price will drop 20) How does the Panama Canal boost economic activity between countries? a) it helps countries outside of Europe get involved in trade b) it allows Panama to tax all goods that pass through the canal c) it shortens shipping routes to increase the movement of goods d) it employs inspectors who are allowed to buy goods from multiple countries 21) Who was President of the United States during the Spanish American War? a) Theodore Roosevelt b) William McKinley c) George Bush d) Amy Rigdon 22) Who was president of the United States when the Panama Canal was completed? a) Theodore Roosevelt b) William McKinley c) George Bush d) Amy Rigdon 23) Why were there so many black cowboys? a) They enjoyed the freedom of the trails and felt less descriminated against b) they were better at roping cows than white men c) they were escaping slavery in the south d) there were not many black cowboys 24) How did the United States benefit from the Spanish American War? a) they acquired territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines) b) they received their independence from Spain c) they ruled Spain for several years after the war d) they controlled Cuba 25) What was a Jesup Wagon? a) a mobile school where George Washington Carver taught former slaves farming practices b) a stagecoach used to travel out west in the late 1800s c) the wagon used to transport light bulbs to homes with electricity d) a way to carry peanuts to market

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