1) Lance is ________ knowledgeable on this subject. a) smartly b) powerfully c) firmly d) highly 2) I need a good explanation of all the costs ________ in buying a new car. a) affected b) involved c) concerned d) implied 3) There was a ________ debate about the Middle East, then they moved to a vote. a) lively b) flexible c) main d) nimble 4) The doctor told him to lose weight quickly or pay the ________ later in life. a) fee b) fine c) price d) cost 5) Jet lag causes problems with our ________ clock. a) biological b) botanical c) natural d) rhythmical 6) This species of seagull is not a ________ to the island, but will sometimes rest here a while. a) neighbour b) national c) citizen d) native 7) Doesn't it ________ you as strange that it's the middle of May and it's snowing? a) hit b) occur c) strike d) touch 8) I didn't stay behind because I wanted to, I did so because it was my ________. a) work b) duty c) shift d) chore 9) In today's world, it is crucial to have good ____ skills in order to succeed in the workplace. a) communication b) computational c) creative d) critical 10) After a long day at work, I like to ___ and relax. a) unwind b) rewind c) wind up d) wind down 11) The local council plans to ___ a new sports center in the area. a) construct b) deconstruct c) obstruct d) reconstruct 12) The company has ___ a new policy for employees to work from home. a) implemented b) eliminated c) exaggerated d) inaugurated 13) In order to ___ in this competition, we need to work together as a team. a) triumph b) fail c) take d) quit 14) The weather forecast predicts ___ rain for the next few days. a) persistent b) resistant c) systematic d) inconsistent 15) I have always been ___ in learning a new language. a) interested b) disinterested c) uninterested d) fascinated




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