1) What angered me wasn't his resignation but the ________ in which he did it. a) method b) manner c) aspect d) bearing 2) If you can't make ________ what's written, change the zoom level and it'll become clearer. a) for b) off c) up d) out 3) There's a ________ range of issues that we need to discuss as soon as possible. a) far b) ample c) wide d) high 4) Despite being ________ in the battle, the solider fought on and was awarded a medal for bravery. a) enraged b) wounded c) flawed d) bruised 5) The rain will ________ for most of the morning, but we are expecting a brighter afternoon. a) persist b) insist c) resist d) consist 6) In the mating season, the male of the species calls out with a ________ gu-gu sound. a) separate b) distinctive c) contrasting d) individual 7) Marie Curie, one of the best-known ________ in working with radiation, died in 1934. a) debutants b) revolutionaries c) pioneers d) rebels 8) Deep sea oil exploration is a dirty and dangerous ________. a) affair b) situation c) case d) business 9) The company's ___ to environmental sustainability has helped to reduce its carbon footprint. a) commitment b) attachment c) disagreement d) detachment 10) The teacher gave us a ___ of the new vocabulary words before the test. a) synopsis b) prologue c) summary d) epilogue 11) The ___ of the restaurant was excellent, but the food was a bit disappointing. a) atmosphere b) menu c) location d) service 12) The ___ of the new movie has received mixed reviews from critics. a) plot b) b) cast c) c) director d) d) soundtrack 13) The ___ of the computer program allows users to easily edit and format text. a) interface b) algorithm c) database d) software 14) The ___ of the hotel room was spacious and comfortable. a) decor b) view c) amenities d) location 15) The ___ of the company's products has helped to increase its customer base. a) quality b) quantity c) price d) marketing 16) The ___ of the presentation was clear and organized, making it easy to follow. a) structure b) content c) delivery d) audience 17) The new CEO has a reputation for being very ___, often working late hours and pushing her team to excel. a) meticulous b) lackadaisical c) indifferent d) impulsive 18) The ___ of the book was so captivating that I read the entire thing in one sitting. a) plot b) setting c) character d) theme 19) The ___ of the new building was impressive, with a sleek design and state-of-the-art technology. a) architecture b) construction c) engineering d) maintenance e) 20) The ___ of the new product and its unique features were key factors in its success. a) innovation b) marketing c) branding d) pricing




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