1) An apple ... every day. a) is eaten b) was eaten c) will be eaten 2) A book ... yesterday. a) is read b) was read c) will be read 3) The lesson ... tomorrow. a) is held b) was held c) will be held 4) Tea ... every day. a) is drunk b) was drunk c) will be drunk 5) My homework... yesterday. a) is done b) was done c) will be done 6) A dog ... yesterday. a) is washed b) was washed c) will be washed 7) New Year ... in winter. a) is celebrated b) was celebrated c) will be celebrated 8) Breakfast ... every morning. a) is cooked b) was cooked c) will be cooked 9) My brother ... present for his birthday. a) is given b) was given c) will be given 10) The fruit ... in autumn. a) is picked b) was pickeed c) will be picked 11) My friends ... to the party last week. a) was invited b) invited c) were invited 12) Hamlet... by Shakespeare. a) wrote b) was written c) were written 13) Mike ... photos yesterday. a) is share b) was shared c) will be shared 14) The horse ... every day. a) was ride b) will be ridden c) is ridden 15) Office centre ... next year. a) is build b) was build c) will be built

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