What happened to Korea after WW2?: Liberated from Japan, Divided along the 38th Parallel , North led by Kim Il Sung (Communist), South backed by US - led by Syngman Rhee, Describe the invasion of South Korea by North Korea: North KPA invaded 25 June 1950, The KPA had modern T-35 tanks from USSR, They advanced rapidly - to Pusan, Had ‘tentative’ backing of Stalin, What was the UN response to the invasion?: Security Council condemned it, Passed Resolution 83 - to assemble a task force, Ordered Kim Il Sung to withdraw, UN put US General MacArthur in charge of the UNC, Describe the Inchon landings of 15 September 1950: UN backed amphibious counter offensive , Led by General MacArthur , Dangerous but successful strategy- Seoul retaken, Started US/UN push north (rollback),




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