VC - Viet Cong, Insurgency - Fighting against a government , Ho Chi Minh - North Vietnamese leader (Died 1969), Viet Minh - North Vietnamese Independence Fighters, Dien Dien Phu - French defeat - 1954, Domino Theory - If Vietnam falls - so will rest of South East Asia, Napalm and Agent Orange - Chemical defoliants , Body Count - US strategy to kill as many VC as possible, Search + Destroy - US military strategy using helicopters , Holding onto the belt - VC strategy- get close to US to avoid being bombarded, Strategic Hamlets - Fortified villages- to keep VC out, Pinkville - US name for My Lai, Fragging - Killing a senior officer (grenade), Cu Chi - 250km VC tunnel system (North of Saigon), Operation Rolling Thunder - US bombing campaign (3 years), Operation Ranch Hand - US spraying chemical defoliants , ARVN - South Vietnamese regular army, NLF - National Liberation Front (of Vietnam), Punjis - VC traps, PAVN - North Vietnamese regular army,




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