1) Who is an apprentice? a) A person who provides career advice b) A person who learns a trade from a skilled worker c) A person who sets short-term goals 2) What is an apprenticeship? a) The process of achieving a long-term goal b) Formal training for a specific career or trade c) On-the-job training for short-term goals 3) What does it mean to achieve a goal? a) To obtain a professional license b) To successfully complete an apprenticeship c) To accomplish an objective or desired outcome 4) Who is a career counselor? a) A person who helps individuals plan their educational path b) A person who supervises apprentices in a trade c) A person who provides on-the-job training 5) What is a career pathway? a) A structured plan for advancing in a chosen profession b) Learning a trade without formal training c) Setting short-term goals in a professional field 6) What does it mean to get a license? a) To enroll in an apprenticeship program b) To achieve a long-term career goal c) To obtain official permission or certification to practice a specific profession 7) What is on-the-job training? a) Learning a trade through practical experience at a workplace b) Setting long-term goals for career advancement c) Achieving short-term goals in a specific profession 8) What does it mean to learn a trade? a) Obtaining a license for a specific profession b) Mastering a particular skill or profession through training c) Setting goals for career advancement 9) What is a short-term goal? a) An objective that can be achieved quickly or within a limited timeframe b) An apprenticeship program for a specific trade c) A long-term career plan 10) What does it mean to move ahead? a) To switch careers and start a new profession b) To make progress or advance in one's career or education c) To complete an apprenticeship program




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