Clemenceau : Independent Rhineland, Return of Alsace Loraine, Sceptical of League of Nations, Secure borders, A federal Germany , Reparations - compensation , Northern France ravaged, c 300,000 homes destroyed , c 8000 Square miles of farmland destroyed , 1.4 million military deaths, 4.2 million wounded, Punitive measures , Two wars in 50 Years, Wilson: 14 Points , League of Nations, Self-Determination , World Disarmament , Casualties limited to 115,000, Joined war in 1917, ”Peace without Victory” - non punative, End empires (anti colonialism), Open Diplomacy (No alliances), Eliminate the ‘causes of war’, Free Trade, Idealist, Open Seas, Lloyd George: Retain Naval supremacy - Limit German navy, Retain Empire - limited German empire, Reparations (Realistic), Maintain post war trade with Germany , ’Just but fair’ Peace, Public pressure ‘squeeze Germany’, 1 million military casualties , £3.25 Billion - cost of War, National debt from £650 million £7 billion, ’seated between Jesus and Napoleon’, Pragmatist, Fontainebleau memorandum , Force for moderation ,

Aims, attitudes, context and outcoms of Post WWI Peace Making




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